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Online Student Contract
I have read the course information/syllabus to understand the course requirements and expectations including any minimum equipment/software needed to access my course online.
I understand that it is my responsibility to use the information provided at and the GTC4me Link to log into my course on the start date of my class, not before.
I am comfortable with the skills needed to succeed in an online course (logging into a course with correct username and password), sending emails with attachments; posting in discussion boards; updating my virus protection software; and finding resources on the Internet.
If I register late for my class, I will contact the instructor for all questions and concerns and allow 24 hours for access to the course.
I am responsible for ensuring my computer has adequate virus protection software and correct browser settings (Blackboard Student Resources).
I will, at a minimum, login to my online course(s) weekly and will meet the additional participation requirements as provided by the instructor of my online course(s).
I will order my books, software and any other required items for online course(s) in a timely matter, so that I have received them by the first day of class.
I know that, if a course is offered in an accelerated format, the time necessary to achieve the course learning outcomes will be greater than that required for a traditional class.
I will inform my instructor of absences that I anticipate over the duration of my course(s).
Should I decide to drop my online course(s), I understand it is my responsibility to do so using WebAdvisor or to contact Student Records at 864-250-8115.
I will communicate to my instructor, my advisor, or the GTC Student Records office if I decide to drop my online course(s).
I agree to use language appropriate to an academic setting in my online discussion postings, chats and emails related to my online course.
I understand that information exchanged among students in my online course should be considered confidential and not shared outside of the online course.
I understand some of my publicly submitted course postings or comments will be seen or re-used for other students to see.
If I have any questions or need clarification of the assignments or course content, I will contact my instructor.
I understand I must attend (if applicable) any required in-person activities. If in-person exams are required, I will attend on the dates, times and locations indicated OR as an out-of-area student complete a Proctor Agreement form to have the examinations administered at a designated examination site.
I understand that delay in completing any assignments or exams on scheduled dates, even though approved, may result in a delay in official transcript reporting.
In the event that I do not keep up with course assignments and activities, I understand I will need to file an enrollment disclosure form with Student Records prior to the final withdrawal date to avoid receiving a failing grade in the course.

I understand that ANY computer with Internet access (including GTC campus computers) can be used to continue coursework and “home computers” being serviced will not be accepted as a reason for not completing coursework, tests, or assignments.
I understand that if I use on campus computers, I must adhere to the Policy on Student Use of Computing Facilities.
I agree that by logging into Blackboard I will abide by the GTC Computer Use Policy and that inappropriate use of Blackboard communication features (including but not limited to harassment, unlawful solicitation, distribution of material generally considered pornographic or offensive, or submitting comments which undermine the integrity of the instructional process) is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.

At Online at Greenville Tech, I have viewed the resources available:

  • Student Self Support
  • Resources
  • Technical Support
I understand that if I have a verifiable disability, e.g. physical, communication, learning, acquired brain injury, psychological or other disability, and I am requesting an accommodation; it is my responsibility to make such a request. Request can be make by contacting the Special Needs Office at 864-250-8176 or 864-250-8408.
I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the above requirements in this online contract.
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